Introduction to Kentucky Halls of Injustice

My name is Ray Netherwood. This is a website that tells a story, and to some degree it’s a horror story.  Where the focus is on the filing of a meritless lawsuit designed to extort money from my wife, filed in the Jefferson Circuit Court, in Louisville, KY, and just how broken Kentucky’s court system is.

The story, as any story, is told from the vantage point of the teller.  The initial part will be hearsay, as my wife knew “the Plaintiff” for many years before I ever met her.  So, for a timeline, up to October 2003, any comments about the Plaintiff are not first person.  However, the events since then are.

Where critique of some of the players might detract from the story, it shouldn’t but they will be minimal.  Things are what they are, and they as people also are what and who they are.  Only the beginning of the story goes unsubstantiated, but probably could be if those involved wanted to step forward.
  • Most of this story is going to be a narrative that then provides links to supporting documents.  Those documents are the “cold hard facts” and are all of public record should anyone wish to verify them as accurate/true.  It is the documents, in context, that make the story so scary.  How could something like this happen?  How could it take on a life of its own?  How could it be allowed to drag on going on seven (7) years?!  I've added occasional "Questions to Ask" comments which are designed to give a student, journalist, or an investigator a decision point about an action or behavior, "what was done" or "was it proper".  I only ask that the point be honestly evaluated.  
  • And, for viewing pleasure, there is actual footage from the Jefferson County Division 2 Courtroom that shows misrepresentations to the judge; an appearance my wife made during a motion hour where the judge was seated behind stacks of records; and, finally what amounts to a kangaroo bench trial conducted by the judge in my wife’s absence, despite her asking for a rescheduling, over a matter which he may not have had jurisdiction.
For a seasoned attorney, this story might be amusing.  Where respect for us as a Nation of Laws sometimes gets challenged, this story raises questions of ethics, of the manipulators of those laws, and why our courts in nearly every state are clogged.

I would hope this case interests some law school students, who will dissect it forwards and backwards and perhaps come to the conclusion that there is a difference between “zealously representing” a client … and selling their soul to the devil to make a buck or “win;” that the behavior recorded herein was shameful and that they will choose more ethical paths in their own careers.

There is a need to fix what’s broken.  The circuit court judge in this story needs to either voluntarily retire or he needs to be removed.  The citizens of Kentucky and Jefferson County deserve better.  The judge is currently running for a seat on the KY Court of Appeals, and despite any “positive” endorsements and supposed “accolades,” this case is proof he has no business continuing to sit on ANY Kentucky court.

There is a very good chance that several attorneys need to be disciplined, and there may be a basis for some charges of fraud and conspiring to commit extortion.

There are additional questions about how Kentucky Court Clerks, at least in Louisville, handle problems and whether they are responsive to only attorneys and disregard pro se parties.

There may be a need for the Kentucky legislature and Supreme Court to revisit its “Judicial Conduct Commission” … I’m here to say that it is unresponsive and broken.  Anyone in the media, public office, or an attorney who thinks the swamp needs to be drained, and is willing to assist in helping, I ask to contact me.  Please forward this website to others.

Another goal in publicly airing this mess is that it might give hope to victims of meritless lawsuits, those who are facing extortion by someone “using” our courts inappropriately or vindictively … especially someone who is attempting to fight such a battle pro se … on their own. The case is STILL ongoing, and I know what the outcome SHOULD be, what remains to be seen is if “justice” actually prevails.  I'm an optimist.
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