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Working on "2012" ... a LONG and hard year, lots of issues and lots of discussion.  The case falls down "the Rabbit Hole".

Long awaited photographs of the players are finally on the "Photos" page.  Sorry it took so long.

ELZY case (Defendant therein represented by Attorney Theodore Walton) ... see discussion in "2008" page and the entire case has been loaded to "Documents".  See the difference between a "real" judge and the sorry excuse for one that Shake has turned out to be. 

In "Judge Shake" ... it's time to seek his removal from the bench.  Years 2011 and 2012 will be most incriminating, and that's where the case will be made.  But, if he had even a shred of integrity in his person, he'd reopen Shelley's case and make things right.  But, he doesn't. 

So ... call in the FBI and/or State Police investigators.  Call the Governor.  Call your legislators.  Shame and shun him.  Kentucky deserves better.  It's time for malfeasance or corruption to be rooted out and identified for what it is!  And, in the same vein, at some point, the actions of the appellate courts are going to have to go under the microscope too.

Thanks for the positive feedback, would appreciate case analysis/comments.  If I am TOTALLY off-base, please tell me ...... just tell me HOW or WHY!

This website is designed to be educational in nature. 
It documents one case of ACTUAL extortion using the Kentucky court system.  It documents attorney misbehavior, judicial ineptitude or malfeasance, and how difficult and time consuming “fighting” any type of a lawsuit pro se, whether legitimate or bogus, can be.
  • This website is a work in progress, that is organized chronologically and is being produced/loaded in that manner.
  • Documents, pictures, videos, and links will be loaded as soon as possible.
  • There will be some references in the narrative to actual page number of documents in “the record” … which ironically has gone “missing” and is now under court order to be “reconstructed.”  Attorneys say absent flood or fire they've never heard of such a thing.  
  • Judge Shake's Order to Recontruct Record dated September 27, 2012 
  • Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

An incredible case will be presented and the story to go with it.  Judge James M. Shake awarded a real estate agent over a hundred thousand dollars in commission for the sale of four lots of private property.  Did the real estate agent have listing contracts on all four lots?  Did the real estate agent ever present the property owner with a written offer from a buyer that was accepted?  Was the "buyer-to-be" ABLE to complete such a transaction on his own, at all times?  The answer to all of those questions is:  NO.

So, how could Judge Shake rationalize awarding such a judgment?  Easy; he doesn't read, he doesn't listen, and he doesn't care.  Shake is running ran for a position on the Kentucky Court of Appeals AND LOST!!  He didn't deserve your vote; and, if you review his actions, inactions, and ineptitude you may conclude he should be removed.

It's time to begin rallying a cause ... "Justice for Shelley ... no fraudulent judgments" ... "Justice for Kentucky ... remove incompetent judges".  Let's get the much needed investigations/inquiries started:  FBI, KY State Police, DOJ ... it's time for the sham to be exposed publicly and the culprits to be held accountable.

DISCLAIMER:  The narrative on this website consists of my opinions and interpretations, and not those of any other person(s), of events over the last 9-plus years.  However, the filings ... the documents ... are real, and are either all of public record or papers in my possession.  So, when the statement is made that Judge Shake is incompetent or suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, that is my opinion.  It's up to the readers to look at what has transpired, the evidence available for review, and then determine if my story and opinions are out in left field ... or on the mark.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER:  The first publishing of the website content, although factually correct in every respect, perhaps presented information that detracted from the story.  Only out of regard for certain current and former family members, some material has been edited out (areas of editing identified with an "*").  Well, that and an attorney recently hired to marshall the case through the Court of Appeals received a threatening fax/letter.  This "bored retiree", unlike other folks, wants to combine fairness with truth and accuracy. 

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